Classical Studies Scholarship

The Classical Studies Scholarship recognizes academically outstanding students committed to classical studies. Scholarships cover up to full tuition for four years and are awarded based on need. If awarded, a student must maintain a 3.3 grade point average or higher while earning at least 32 credits per year. Recipients are also eligible for a $1,500 stipend for classics-related summer programs (e.g. archaeological excavations, American School at Athens / Rome, language study) following their sophomore or junior year. Transfer students are also eligible for Classical Studies Scholarship funding.

Desirable experiences for selection as a Classical Studies Scholar include the following:

  • A proven interest in the ancient Greek and Roman worlds and their legacies. This could take the form of competitive grades in classes related to classics or classical civilization (e.g. AP Latin), or curricular or extra-curricular projects related to the Greek and Roman worlds.
  • An interest in, and potential for, learning Greek and Latin. Students need not have a background in either language (although this is welcome) but should demonstrate interest in, and potential for, beginning these languages at Bard, e.g. through high scores in an AP modern language subject, high scores in SAT Writing and Language, or a strong recommendation from a foreign language teacher.
  • Strong performance in high school classes related to English and world literature, languages, history, and/or other related humanities subjects.

Participants are selected on the basis of the criteria listed above, transcript and financial need.

Please note: Students transferring after only one year of college must submit a high school transcript with their application. Applicants who will be receiving an Associates Degree will only need to supply a college transcript.

What to submit:
As part of this form, please write an essay describing your interest and experience in classical studies.

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