Bard On the Road

Our representatives from Bard College look forward to meeting you!

There are school visits and fairs that are virtual and others that are in-person. Virtual events are listed under “Online” in the list below. In-person events are listed under the “Country/State” in the list below. We are scheduling visits with schools all the time, so our Bard On the Road changes frequently. Please keep checking back. 

Please note: the format of school visits and college fairs does not allow for individual interviews at the time of the visit or fair. Visits or fairs are typically only open to students of the host school(s). If you are interested in attending a visit or college fair hosted by a school or organization that is not your own, we invite you to be in touch with the school or organization directly about their policies. If you have any general questions about Bard or about our regional visit schedule and interview options, please don't hesitate to email the visiting counselor directly.



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